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That show for kids you really like and talk about excessively? Yeah, you’re not edgy for liking it and you’re not “subverting” anything. Enjoy your show and don’t act like your enjoyment of said show is changing the world, because that’s extremely narcissistic and delusional. 

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It’s fine for men to watch shojo anime and read shojo manga like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura.

It’s fine for men to make pornographic doujinshi of these, buy figurines, and jack off to the characters.

It’s fine for men to completely invade a Pretty Cure forum created for young girls and scare said girls away. It’s fine for these men to twist the entire fandom around themselves, its fine for them to show up to Pretty Cure events in throngs and its fine for them to frantically grab all the free handouts before any of the girls can.

It’s also fine for men to take these magical girl anime made for girls that celebrate being a girl and make them all about their pornography and which girl they most want to put their dick in. It’s fine, because theres even a cute name for them, ‘Ooki Tomodachi’ (Big Friend).

It’s fine for them to do the same with My Little Pony, of course. It’s fine that they can make the voice actors of the show uncomfortable with personal questions, its fine that they can yell out rape jokes to them at conventions, its fine that they have basically made it impossible for any of the 8 year old girls the show was made for to ever google it in public. It’s fine for them to gather in the toy stores around the pony toys and intimidate young girls. It’s fine that the whole show, created to celebrate femininity and how ‘theres no wrong way to be a girl’ is now associated with their fetishes. And its so fine that these male fans get given a cute name (‘brony’), get documentaries made about them, have newspaper article after blog post after feature talking about how they are ‘challenging gender norms’ and ‘transforming pop culture’.

But if a girl ‘trespasses’ into a male space, what happens? (Even when it isnt ‘trespassing’, in the case of Free!, in which a space was actually made for us ) We can expect such timeless classics as: degradation, ‘you’re not even a REAL fan!’ ‘I bet you dont even know ______’, all kinds of threats, and, of course, the posts you see on this blog.

Man Tears Flowing Free!

Figured this was worth bringing back in light of recent events.

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First images of The Tomb of Daisuke Jigen surface, show a very different Lupin!

This is Lupin. Jigen, can you hear me?

Loud and clear.

What’s the situation, Lupin?

Looks like the elevator in the back is the only way up.

Just as I expected.

You’ll have to take the elevator to the surface.

But make sure nobody sees you.

The new Takeshi Koike directed Lupin spin-off film will be screen for a limited period between June 21st to 27th in Tokyo and Shinjuku Wald 9.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Lupin TV series with Blue Jacket Eyepatch Lupin. :3

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Welcome! This is the semi-official tumblr for the upcoming Discotek Media-Eastern Star release of Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro. In our blog, we want to talk about some of our discoveries, some of our thoughts, and maybe even some sneak peeks at the sorts of extras we have in mind for this release. Please keep in mind: we don’t yet know what we’ll be allowed to include exactly, so just because we mention something on here does not mean it will be included on the discs.

Now, some of you might be wondering, “What Discotek/Eastern Star release are you talking about?” Just over a week ago, Discotek announced that Castle of Cagliostro will be rereleased in North America on DVD (ETA: August 2014) and for the first time on Blu-ray Disc (late 2014/early 2015).

That all said, these features are tentatively confirmed:

- Streamline Pictures English Dub (ca. 1992, Mono)

- Manga Entertainment US English Dub (ca. 2000, 5.1 Surround)

- Original Japanese Audio (1979. Mono)

- English subtitles of the Japanese script

- The film’s original, animated opening credits sequence.

- Audio commentary by Reed Nelson

Everything else remains undetermined, but we’ll try to be as open about our findings as we can here.  So be sure to come back and revisit us often! You can find us here at castleofcagliostro.tumblr.com, or even easier, CastleofCagliostro.com will bring you right to us! It’s your pick.

—Reed and Brady

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If you’re an Attack on Titan super fan and pirate the manga, you are not a good fan.

This manga is available legally on Crunchyroll with a regular $7/month anime subscription. If you’re a fan of anime, you should already subscribe to Crunchyroll since they get almost all of the new shows coming out each season as well as a substantial backlog from previous ones. Their online manga service is just starting out and they need all of the help they can get. There’s no excuse.

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"I’m Bigger Than You Now"

3 page Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann x Kill la Kill fan comic, spent a lot of my time over the week on this, hope people like it.

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