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Lovely Little Thieves Trailer!

I know I said the next update on this tumblr would be the completed demo, but I lost two of the days over the weekend I was going to use to complete it, so it’s just a couple more days off yet. It’s sitting at about 25,000 words and around 40 choices, so by “demo” standards, you’re getting a lot of VN. Thank you for being so patient!

This is a special update though. The trailer for the game is now finished! It was edited by myself and my friend Josh Brumfield (krosswerks.) Enjoy and pass it around! The demo is right around the corner…

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Yes, I’m aware that Sailor Moon Crystal is more faithful to the manga (not completely as Jadeite is still alive at this point). I’m mostly familiar with the 90’s anime, the version I’m sure most fans saw first and is currently being uploaded weekly on Hulu. I very much enjoy the 90’s anime. Yes, there’s filler, but that’s not all bad when the additional writing helped flesh out some characters more, particularly the 4 Kings of the Dark Kingdom. So I don’t care if Zoisite isn’t gay in the manga and thus won’t be in Crystal, I’ll still complain about Crystal not doing that stuff when there’s a version that did it.

Ugh, Sailor Moon Crystal really is reminding me of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s problems, and already people are going to overlook Crystal’s problems because “it’s true to the source material!”

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